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DF158, Air Cooler

Cooler Fan

Air cooler with Humidifier and Air Purifier


Best design of the Year 2010 !


Cooler Fan with Ionizer

  • Cools for up to 24 hours per fill

  • Reduces your personal space air temperature up to 8 degrees F (5 degrees C)

  • Quite 3 speed fan pushes air through its anti bacterial cooling chamber at 100 cubic feet per minute

  • Cooling area blows outward 7 feet from unit

  • Plug in table top, desk or night table convenience with moving wheels

  • Ideal for Home and Office

  • Evaporative cooling technology uses ordinary tap water, anti-virus filter( re-active type)

  • Ready to operate. No assembly required. Just add water in.


    Wide opening window to produce strong wind and cover a large range.

    1.   Humidity control

    2.   Ionizer to purify the air

    3.   Pump water for cooling

    4.   Ice container to keep the water cooling 3-8F   degrees lower.

    5.   Table top standing

    7.   Thin and elegant design

    8.   7.5 hours timer to select

    9.   2 modes to select for fan wind.

    10. Oscillation louver, 2 segments control

    11. Power consumption: 38Watts 120V,60Hz

    12. Unit size: 34  X18.9 X41.50 CM


      Sale price :$59.95

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