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The Sound Studio HS668

This is an MP3 Player that can play Music from any kind of medium, USB memory cards or iPod, make your own Sound Studio, more than that, the software makes it a virtual 5.1 channel speaker when use it as a computer speaker.

HS668, Sound  Studio

Back of the HS668

The HISONIC HS-668 SOUND STUDIO amplified stereo speaker is excellent for use for multi purposes including playing many kinds of cards like CF, SD, SM and any card with a USB socket, boosting the sound volume and improving the audio quality of portable Kaito shortwave radios.  You can use it as an virtual 5.1 channel speaker, the software  comes with variety of the  choice to listen to music in different mode. Check the software by call us, a free test.

When the HS-688 SOUND STUDIO is plugged in to the headphone or audio line out jack of a portable radio, MP3 / CD / MD Player, communications receiver or amateur transceiver, the sound quality is greatly enhanced with the high quality amplified stereo speakers and the very functional tone control. The two internal speakers each produce 7 watts of room filling sound with no distortion at maximum volume (unless the input source audio is set at too high of an output level).

REC OUT jack allows any tape recorder or recording device to be used for recording MP3 music or other digital audio that the speaker system is playing.

The FM Stereo output from our KA1103 have a wide spatial feel and shortwave broadcasts never sounded this good. The unit is very compact at 9 x 5 x 4 1/4" and looks great with it's simulated wood covering. A very sturdy unit that would look great in the radio shack, dorm room, bedroom, den etc.

The HS-668 SOUND STUDIO can also be used as a PC (laptop / notebook especially) USB speaker where it excels for PowerPoint presentations and DVD sound presentation over the notebook PCs internal tiny speakers. The HS-668 USB amplified stereo speakers plug into the USB port of the laptop and produce room filling sound that will amaze your listeners who will think that the sound is coming from a much larger system. The HS-668 USB amplified stereo speakers are also excellent for DVD movie viewing (5.1 CH Virtual Expansion).


Here is the list that this system is unique to any other  speaker:

1. Plays all kind of memory cards, iPod and MP3 player.( Any card with music format file will be played.)

2. Compatibility. It plays CF, SD, SM and many other cards.

3. Hi-Fi Sound quality. This system supports high speed decoding chip to produce a high quality sound from 64Kbps to 320K bps, the same CD audio quality.

4.Virtual 5.1 CH sound card built-in. This system adopts the world first virtual 5.1CH sound card to make the speaker a great one that like you are listening to a real 5.1CH speaker system, so it makes watching movies on your laptop computer more enjoyable.

5. Multimedia 2.0 speaker system. This system supports all kinds of sound sources such as iPOD, MP3 players and memory cards.

6. Recording. You can record any kind of music format to a recording equipment.

7. It comes with a headphone out put, so that you can use other amplifier to boost the sound from this unit.. Extendable..

To download the manual, please click here.

To download the software, please call us at 1-866 524 8676

See how we can use this system with different gadgets.

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