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Kaito Electronics, Inc.  A subsidiary of CEIEC ShenZhen Since 1997

KA1102, Shortwave SSB Radio

Dual Conversion Digital Entry shortwave Radio


So smooth to tune the radio in, easy to find any weak station, not shift..




( Wholesale price upon request)

This high quality world receiver is made in the best radio factory in Asia and it receives all the stations in shortwave spectrums. The special designed circuit is a high sensitivity one, but no noise.


If you use the analog radio tuning often, you know how easy to tune in with the belt tuning gear, the swift leaving sound brings you back to the station immediately, even a weak station will not slip from your finger, a wonderful feeling when you try to locate a station that you never heard before....


The newly released Kaito KA1107 is a dual conversion world band receiver that will keep you connected to a very comprehensive frequency range with analog tuning and readout. This radio has outstanding selectivity and sensitivity and transmits with a minimal amount of interference and feedback. If you plan on traveling with a radio, the KA1107 is a very good choice. You can either listen to the KA1107 via the built-in D77 mm speaker or with the included earphones. One thing unique about this radio is it comes with a quartz alarm clock and a sleep timer, which you can set from 1 minute to 2 hours. You won't find this feature in any other analog shortwave radios. The KA1107 powers on AC or 4 pieces of AA batteries, it also features a built-in battery charger, just plugs it into any wall outlet with the included AC adaptor and switch to CHARGE. Frequency Coverage: FM:76.0-108.0MHz; MW:520-1710 MHz; SW:3.75-21.90 MHz; Package includes Stereo earphones, 120 V/AC adaptor, external antenna, carrying pouch and a copy of user manual.


The scales on the radio, the actual receiving range is more than listed below:

FM:           76.00 - 108.00 Mhz

AM(MW): 520 -1710 Khz

SW1: 3.75 -4.25 KHz

SW2: 4.50 - 5.10 KHz

SW3: 5.90 - 6.40 KHz

SW4: 7.10 - 7.50 KHz

SW5: 9.35 - 9.95 KHz

SW6: 11.60 - 12.10 KHz

SW7: 13.50 - 13.90 KHz

SW8: 15.10 - 15.70 KHz

SW9: 17.50 - 17.90 KHz

SW10:21.40 - 21.90 KHz



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