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Table size PLL radio with Super quality Sound and reception.AC, DC work.

Model: KA2100

Table Size PLL Shortwave Radio

A professional Dual Conversion Radio that will exceed your expectations!


 Sorry, Out of Stock !


The dedicated and casual listener alike will love the sound of the 2100. We have not forgot the enthusiast, serious listener and experimenter with features like an IF output that allow easy access  for cutting edge modes like DRM (Digital Radio Mondial) that on other units require dangerous and warrantee voiding internal modifications. It also allows a host of DIY kits to be connected.


The exceptional sensitivity allows listening to shortwave signals from all over the world that others might miss. The adjustable RF Gain control can help bring out the sound quality in a strong station and reduce noise, and is usable in the Medium wave (MW) band as well as the shortwave bands(SW)! You will love how it works!


Serious radio listeners will love the complete frequency range of the radio. SW starts at 1711 KHZ and continues to 29999 KHZ. It covers all the medium wave from 520 Khz up! What a wide range of frequencies to explore!


This is the real thing, a pure digital radio with 50 digital memories with a PLL circuit to make it rock stable with great sound and the sensitivity to pickup weak signals. Compare it with similar radios in the market, and you will find they are all old technology analog with a digital display thrown on. The analogs have no memories and drift in frequency. You will have to be at the tuning knob putting it back on frequency! And you won’t hear the weaker stations on their radio either.


The audio quality is amazing with 5 watts of power,  separate Treble and Bass controls. On AM a wide/narrow sound quality control allows you to adjust for different conditions to eliminate or greatly reduce interference. On FM a Stereo Mono selection can also bring in a weak signal loud and clear that would not be otherwise. Serious FM DX listeners know this is a must!


The Key Light mode is a great feature that makes it easy to use the unit in the dark. All of the keys are lit up when you touch them and also on the panel.


This radio uses four kinds of power sources, you can use an AC plug, optional AC adaptor jack,  AA batteries and D size batteries.





Pure Digital Phase Loop Lock radio with the following details

AM: 520 Khz - 1710 KHz

FM: 87.00Mhz - 108MHz

SW1: 1711Khz - 10.010Mhz

SW2: 9.990MHz - 20.010MHz

SW3: 19.990MHz - 29.990MHz

Tuning Step: Slow/Fast,

AM: Slow: 1 Khz; Fast: 10Khz

SW: Slow:1 KHz Fast: 5Khz

FM:Slow:0.01Mhz; Fast:0.10Mhz

Speaker: 5W

Memory: 50

Alarm: 2 Timers

Meter Band Selection

Back light: Any touch to turn on the light or  disable it.

Audio Output

AM sensitivity: DX or Local

Power sources: AA/D/AC/DC

Size: 290 X 185 X 70 MM

Weight: 5 LBS

Click here to see the sides of the Radio !

Click here to see the beautiful radio!

Click here to see the battery compartment.

The Radio is available now !. Buy an  Active Loop Antenna KA33, Click here to see the link.

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KA2100 Radio  KA2100 1@129.00 each, 2+@119.00

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