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KA33 AM and Shortwave Antenna

KA33 AM and Shortwave Active Loop Antenna


AM (MW) and Shortwave Active Loop Antenna

KA33  $59.99   


( Wholesale price upon request)


If you want to boost your AM and Shortwave receiver to maximum, this loop antenna will work for you ! With this active antenna, all the stations are clearer than ever, any noisy station will stay crystal clear, any station that also hardly to hear, with this antenna, you hear it.

Compare with KA31, KA33 comes with a Ferrite Rod that will boost the AM signal to Maximum.


Frequency range :

AM: 520KHz- 1710Khz

Shortwave 3.90 - 22.00 MHz

Power: 1.5V UM4 ( AAA) X 2 Pieces ( Not included)



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KA33 Active Loop Antenna  KA33  1@$59.95 each,5+@$49.95

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