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Kaito Electronics, Inc.  A subsidiary of CEIEC ShenZhen Since 1997


Model: WiFi Radio IR-168

If you need a radio that can receive your hometown stations while you are in another place, this is the radio you need. To use this radio is simple, just a high speed internet connection is good enough, Cable Model, DSL ,T1, Fiber or any access to the internet, wired or wirelessly.  You can use Ether net cable RJ45 to connect to the internet, or use a wireless access, the wireless access point is called WiFi, so you can connect this radio easily without any subscription. See the back of the radio and you will understand  what this radio can do.

You may want o hear the stereo sound from this wood cabinet , yes, we have an optional speaker that you can connect it to this receiver that makes this unit a stereo sound system.


The remote control makes it easier to change station from  a distance.


Over 3,000 stations from USA and over 400 stations from China, so you may stream in most possible station from both countries. And of course it does bring in thousands stations from Europe and other continentals.


This radio is built in a SD card reader that can play back the MP3 music via the high quality wood cabinet.


For user's manual, click here .

To see how WiFi Radio works in English, click here, in Chinese,  click here.




Internet Radio

Listen to more than ten thousands of free Internet radio stations around the world

Location free listening listen to any station wherever you go

Most AM/FM and Digital Radio (DAB) broadcasts have Internet streams available

Preloaded 500 major city stations

Dedicated Internet radio portal for more radio stations

255 favorite station presets in 10 categories 

Adds preset stations on the fly or through embedded server

Compatible with stations broadcasting in HTTP, MMS, RTSP streaming formats

Music Streaming

UPnP for streaming of music stored in PC and other sources in the local network

Protocol Support


DHCP for automatic network setup (static IP is also supported)

Intuitive manual network setup

WEP, WPA and WPA2 wifi security (auto-detection of TKIP and AES encryption)

Audio Formats




Ogg vorbis                                                   

Music Player

Plays MP3, WMA and OGG compressed music

ID3 tag support (album, song and artist)

Music stored in SD card (optional)

Folder support

Audio Output

Stereo line-out (internal left-channel and optional right-channel)

Frequency response: 100~15,000 Hz 

Headphone out

Network Clock

12/24 hour clock tuned to automatically clock through network (Network Time Protocol)


128x64 pixels blue, backlit LCD for radio data, ID3 tag display

Backlight on-time adjustable (20-, 40-, 60-seconds or always-on)

Remote Control

IR remote control (optional)

Operating System

Industry standard uCLinux

Firmware Upgrade

Firmware upgrade through Internet


10/100 Mbps Ethernet (RJ45)

IEEE 802.11 b/g wifi (up to 54 Mbps)

up to 32 GB SD card (SD HC compliant)

Rotary knob for easy station and menu navigation and volume adjustment

Headphone out for maximum privacy (3.5 mm jack)

2.0 mm DC-in jack

3.5 mm jack for optional external speaker


9V DC input



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