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Tecsun 2P3 AM Radio Receiver Kit - DIY for Enthusiasts

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DIY AM Radio Kit, Radio

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In mid 1960s, due to a steadily available stock of domestic made transistors, there was a huge DIY wave of transistor radio in the world. The big issue for a DIY transistor radio is how to make it good, the Tecsun 2P3 radio kit was made to fulfill this demand. The 2P3 comes with transistors and IC hybrid kit, it lets both hobbyist and DIYers to build their own AM radio receiver with a detailed diagram and instructions. From this DIY, you learn many things that a book can not tell you, It tells you how the Resistors and IC works together to make a radio work, Fun to Do It. It is no like any other kits, this kit comes with a radio case that designed for the radio, so after it is assembled , you can use it as radio and put into your pocket.
Tecsun 2P3 AM / MW Radio Receiver DIY Kits - MAKE YOUR OWN AM RADIO
Frequency range: 520 kHz ~ 1710 kHz

Power supply: 2 x AA size battery
Sensitivity: < 1mV/m
Max. output: 120mW
Quiescent current: 7mA
Size: approx. 165 x 105 x 29mm
Primary Operation Construction:
Mixing circuit
IF amplifier
Automatic gain control
Audio amplifier
- Ceramic capacitors
- Polyester capacitors
- Electrolytic capacitors
- Ceramic filter
- Resistors
- Detector diode
- Diode
- Transistor
- Speaker wire
- Screws
- Nuts
- Hexagonal screw column standoff
- Shield cover
- Case
- Speaker (1W)
- Earphone socket (3.5mm)
- Potentiometer
- Variable capacitor
- Audio amplifier
- AM oscillator coil
- IF transformers
- Magnetic antenna
- Battery box
- Plastic ribbon
- Antenna support
- Logo
- Circuit board
- Tuning knob
- Volume knob
- Non-conductive screwdriver

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Color N/A
Weight(lb) 1.0000
Free Shipping No
Dimension 165 x 105 x 29mm
Brand Tecsun

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